home projects using glass panels

home projects using glass panels

Why You Should Repair Your Door's Screen And Glass Before Summer Arrives

by Aaron Meyer

Whether your front door's screen is torn or glass is cracked, having it repaired is a great way to get ready for the arrival of summer. Repairs can offer a way to remedy a break and restore the integrity and look of your front door, and they can offer upgrades that you can appreciate without having to replace the frame completely. So if you want your home to be ready for all that summer brings, check out why you should schedule a repair.

Repairs Are Greener

Repairing your glass or screen door is a more affordable option to replacement, and the job can be finished in just hours. Repairs can also allow you to contribute to greener living by eliminating waste involved in replacement. Repairing your front door is also greener for the fact that you can upgrade glass to options that are more energy efficient.

Single paned glass and frame spacing can now be replaced by double or triple-paned options, with options to upgrade to dual spacing. These options make your front door more resistant to temperature fluctuations that can end up heating your interior during severe summer heat. Frame spacing using dual sealing gives you an added layer of protection from drafts and degradation that occurs at seams between the frame and glass layers, so you can expect better protection for years longer than a single seal.

Improved Materials Make Life Better

Improvements to glass and sealing improves energy efficiency, and extras like glass coating or window tinting gives even more returns during summer months. Glass coatings and tints can also increase the privacy inside your home, when your main door is open. Coatings also make your door less likely to fade during heavy sun exposure, and they are both scratch and stain resistant, so the door will stand up to increased activity and traffic during summer months.

If your front door only includes screen, making necessary repairs or spline and screen replacement will ensure that your door is protected from any insect activity, like mosquitoes and other flying pests. Screening material is available in both fiberglass and aluminum mesh, so you can also upgrade your current screen to meet your activity needs, like heavy traffic from kids or pets. And making repairs to your screen with a heavy-duty material can ensure that your door outlasts all summer activities without letting any unwanted guests, like mosquitoes, in. Contact a company like Suburban Glass & Mirror Limited to get started.


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home projects using glass panels

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