home projects using glass panels

home projects using glass panels

3 Kinds Of Windshield Damage And How To Deal With Them

by Aaron Meyer

Cracks and chips can happen to your windshield through no fault of your own. You might think that all windshield damage is the same, but that is not true. It's important to understand what the differences are and how soon you need to have them repaired.


A chip occurs when a tiny portion of the glass is removed from your windshield. It usually happens when driving at high speeds, such as on the freeway, and a pebble or rock flies towards your car. The object glances the windshield, and creates a hole that can be mistaken as a piece of dirt. Most cracks start out as a tiny chip.

It's safe to drive around with a chip in your windshield for awhile, as there is no urgency to have it repaired as soon as possible. Do not wait too long though, as the chip can easily develop into a large crack. Chips will also weaken your windshield if it is made out of thin glass, which is true of many older vehicles. If the chip is obstructing your vision though, have it repaired soon.


A line in your windshield will look like somebody took a knife to it, creating a line that could be as small as half an inch or that could extend across your entire windshield. Lines can be perfectly straight, or they can be jagged and look similar to a branch. They usually form around the outside of the glass where there is not much support from powerful blows.

If the line is smaller than six inches, it can be repaired! Anything bigger than that may require replacing the entire windshield. No matter how big or small the line is, you are better off having it looked at sooner rather than later. Cold weather, bumps in the road, and hail can cause a line to spread across your windshield. Lines along the windshield's edge are difficult to repair and will most likely lead to needing windshield replacement.

Spider Webs

Spider webs are also called circular or bull's eye cracks. They are a crack with multiple fractures and rings, often caused by a rock directly impacting the windshield. They frequently occur in the middle of your windshield, as the damage is able to be evenly distributed.

This type of damage is repairable, but the bigger concern is how it can obstruct your vision. If the crack is connected to a large line crack, it may require replacing your windshield.

For more information about windshield damage, contact an auto glass company, such as Brite-View Glass, in your area.


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home projects using glass panels

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