home projects using glass panels

home projects using glass panels

3 Ways Mirrors Can Help You Get The Most Out Of Your Home

by Aaron Meyer

Mirrors: you probably already appreciate them for their functional uses, such as getting ready in the morning, but did you know that you can use mirrors to make your home an overall more pleasant place? Indeed, it is quite easy to make even the tiniest of places feel spacious and open. Here are some prime mirror placements that can make your house feel much more grand.

Use Mirrors To Make Small Rooms Feel Huge

Clever use of mirrors is all about optical illusions, such as using the mirror to reflect the rest of the room to make things feel more spacious. For maximum effect, use a mirror that is roughly three-fourths of the wall. When placing the mirror in a room, place it in an area where it is not obstructed by anything and can reflect as much of the room as possible at any given angle. This really helps a room open up and breathe. Of course, you can go crazy with a bunch of small mirrors as well, placing them strategically to reflect aesthetically pleasing parts of a room, which can help bring together the symmetry of a room. 

Illuminate The Darkest Of Rooms

Another great way to use mirrors to make rooms feel more inviting is to use them to bounce light into the rest of the room. This can be achieved by placing it opposite a window to catch natural light or across from fixtures such as lamps. With proper placement, you can even light a room with a few candles and provide a pleasant mood lighting for dates or other romantic occasions with your partner. All-in-all, this can help you save on lighting costs as well, as you can rely on less sources to make a room shine bright, which increases the quality of life in your home as well as makes your wallet a little bit happier. 

Enjoy The Outdoors Inside

Speaking of hanging them opposite of windows, with the blinds drawn you can harness the outside world and bring it into your home. This can give any office the illusion of having a little bit of the nature outside the window in room. This can be a great boon to people that have their desk faced away from the window as the mirror will reflect the lush green outside. That way, you can get work done while still enjoying the nice day outside. 

So if you're looking to spruce up any room in your home, consider using mirrors, they're a cheap alternative to going all out on remodeling. Contact professional mirror or class companies, like Castle custom glass, for more information and tips. 


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home projects using glass panels

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