home projects using glass panels

home projects using glass panels

  • 3 Ways Mirrors Can Help You Get The Most Out Of Your Home

    Mirrors: you probably already appreciate them for their functional uses, such as getting ready in the morning, but did you know that you can use mirrors to make your home an overall more pleasant place? Indeed, it is quite easy to make even the tiniest of places feel spacious and open. Here are some prime mirror placements that can make your house feel much more grand. Use Mirrors To Make Small Rooms Feel Huge

  • Replacing A Small Glass Pane

    If you have a door with several small panes of glass, and one of them has a large crack, you will want to remove and replace this piece before it shatters, possibly injuring someone in the process. Replacing a small pane of glass is a job you may be able to handle on your own with the proper tools. Here are some instructions for you to use to replace a small pane of glass in your door.

  • 3 Kinds Of Windshield Damage And How To Deal With Them

    Cracks and chips can happen to your windshield through no fault of your own. You might think that all windshield damage is the same, but that is not true. It's important to understand what the differences are and how soon you need to have them repaired. Chips A chip occurs when a tiny portion of the glass is removed from your windshield. It usually happens when driving at high speeds, such as on the freeway, and a pebble or rock flies towards your car.

  • Why You Should Repair Your Door's Screen And Glass Before Summer Arrives

    Whether your front door's screen is torn or glass is cracked, having it repaired is a great way to get ready for the arrival of summer. Repairs can offer a way to remedy a break and restore the integrity and look of your front door, and they can offer upgrades that you can appreciate without having to replace the frame completely. So if you want your home to be ready for all that summer brings, check out why you should schedule a repair.

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home projects using glass panels

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